TBLC member libraries have requested that TBLC perform a role in communication and reporting should natural disasters or other emergencies affect the region. This document describes how TBLC will work to fulfill that role.

Information Coordinator & Message Center

Following regional emergencies, TBLC will work to identify libraries that have sustained damage and may need assistance or are closed and need to let other libraries know when they will be able to resume operations and services. TBLC will also identify libraries whose staff have sustained injury or damage to their homes in a manner that protects staff privacy. In some instances, libraries may need to communicate with their staff or staff may need to communicate with their libraries and TBLC will strive to bridge those communication needs.

This assumes that TBLC is operational and that its staff are able to respond. For this effort to be successful, libraries will have to communicate with TBLC after a disaster and make this communication part of their recovery plans and procedures.

Library Reporting

If your library is damaged, or if staff have sustained significant damage to their homes, or if you need to communicate with your staff or the library community, please contact TBLC with the following information.

  • Name of library, name of person making the report, and contact information.
  • Are the library facilities damaged? Identify the damaged branches and briefly describe the damages.
  • Are facilities open? – If not, when are they expected to reopen?
  • Have staff experienced damage to their homes? Describe while protecting persons’ privacy.
  • Does the library or its staff need assistance? – Describe the assistance needed.
  • Does the library or its staff need volunteer assistance? – Describe the assistance needed, number of persons needed, day and time, and point of contact information.
  • If you are a library administrator and your communications technology are disrupted, provide the message you need to communicate to your library’s staff.
  • Likewise, if you are a library staff member with disrupted communications, provide the message you need to communicate to your library’s administration.

Methods for Communicating with TBLC

Methods for Communicating with TBLC

How TBLC will Respond

  • Post disaster information on the TBLC website and through the email lists.
  • Collect reports from libraries and post them to the website and periodically distribute them to the broader library community and, if appropriate, the media.
  • Use the TBLC website as a message board for libraries or staff with disrupted communications. Libraries and staff can e-mail or call in their messages and TBLC will post them.
  • Communicate with the State Library and broader community when reports of damage or requests for assistance or volunteers are received and provide coordination as necessary.
  • TBLC will also direct libraries to disaster preparedness and recovery resources on the web.