Florida Library Delivery Service

Florida Library Delivery Service

Please email tblcdelivery@tblc.org for all things Delivery including but not limited to:
  • Issues with Delivery pickup/dropoff
  • Weather closures
  • To be subscribed to our Delivery Newsletter
All Florida libraries that are members of FLIN are eligible to participate in the Florida Library Delivery Service, which provides pickup and delivery of interlibrary loan materials among over 200 libraries throughout Florida.
For support, to request bags and to report missed deliveries, please use the form at the bottom of this page


Delivery service is only available Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays.

Delivery service is only available Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays.

It is the library’s responsibility to count the number of sent and received bags daily and input the number on the monthly stat sheet. The driver should sign the stat sheet only to confirm that he completed the pick up and/or delivery.

You may send any library materials through the service. Please do not send checks or invoices.

Notify us as soon as possible so that we can get your library serviced. Please send an email to tblcdelivery@tblc.org.

The service is just for participating Florida libraries. Please click here https://tblc.org/delivery/search.new.php for a list of participants.

Similar to a zip code, those three letters – known as a Depot Suffix – represent the hub that we use to sort your delivery bags. In order for us to deliver your items to the correct location, the address label must contain the Depot Suffix.

If the book is not salvageable, contact the owner of the book and TBLC immediately. Please fill out the TBLC form here https://forms.gle/CkSTRCiHzHiDBdRY9


This is the most flexible choice to print labels. 

                                      • Print multiple labels for a single library.
                                      • Print multiple libraries on a single page.
                                      • Print a combination of the above.

Use this filter form to create new address labels for multiple single libraries., find out if a library is a participant, or to find out a library's contact information, fill out either OCLC code or Library Name or partial name:

Search tips: Enter the exact keyword for which to search. Avoid the use of commonly abbreviated words. (For example, Saint will not return records that contain its abbreviation, St or St.)

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