Groups: Cataloging

This Catalogers meeting will focus on the latest developments in RDA and will feature guest speaker Deborah Fritz from The MARC of Quality. Join us on Thursday March 12th at Bartow Public Library to discuss RDA with Deborah and to chat with your fellow catalogers about the latest in cataloging. A light lunch will be provided.

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Angry Customers Suck!

Join us on April 10th at the Bruton Memorial Library for this face to face session. The Angry Customers Suck Crash-Course program is an interactive and fun day filled with information and experiences that you’ll be using to more effectively work with your Angry Customers when you return to work!


TBLC Expert Series: Bryan Alexander

Join us on Tuesday April 28th at the Oldsmar Public Library to hear Bryan Alexander speak about Digital Storytelling. How can we make and share stories with today’s new technology? The ongoing digital storytelling movement has demonstrated many ways to do this. Our presentation follows digital storytelling from its roots in personal, digital video narratives, then explores new forms in social media, gaming, and mobile devices.


Moving On Up: Career Skills Mini Conference

Attend this information-packed event to learn how to better enhance and develop your career skill set. This day-long mini-conference will feature a keynote speaker and breakout sessions focused on helping attendees be the best candidate for job promotion and self-development.


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