Recycle Crafts for Programming

Join Hernando County Public Library’s Sheryl Fell for this interactive workshop on making crafts from recycled objects.  During the course of the day we will be learning how to make a wide variety of useful and decorative items from recycled objects such as old T-shirts, soda and water bottles, cardboard tubes, plastic bags, library cards, wine corks, old books and magazines, cds, baskets, coffee cans, etc., basically anything that can be recycled. 


Black Belt Librarian

Learn the essential elements of a real world security program, how to approach patrons to inform them of rules in a way that will most insure their compliance and keep you as safe as possible.


Shooting Your Self in the Foot!

The One-Day Workshop Experience that Blows Up the Behaviors that Cause Managers and Supervisors to Make Their Work More Difficult Than It Needs To Be. As supervisors and managers why do we make things harder on ourselves than they need to be? Partially because that’s how we were taught to do our job!


Annual Meeting

This year TBLC is going to provide annual meeting attendees a taste of  Ybor. The event will be held at the Cuban Club – a historic venue that played an important role in development of that unique multi-cultural community.

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