What can TBLC do for you?

Florida libraries are going through a time of transition, and many of you are taking on more responsibilities in your job, or even taking on completely new roles that may require targeted training. Or perhaps budget restraints in your library have caused high tension among coworkers.

This is where TBLC comes in. Over the past several months, we’ve offered various workshops to help train our members in new areas, to learn how to keep cool during this demanding time and to deal with change. But we know we can do more for you.

So tell us how we can help you. What other workshops can TBLC offer to get you and your coworkers through this rough transition? Do you need training in certain areas? Do you have a topic that you – or someone you know – can teach? We offer in-person and online workshops, so feel free to make suggestions for either or both.

Additionally, TBLC staff members can come to your library to speak on a sundry of topics, including virtual reference, customer service, resource sharing, advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please email your ideas to Beth Farmer at farmerb@tblc.org.

What can TBLC do for you?

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