Shift your online presence into OverDrive

OverDrive is an online catalog that allows patrons to checkout and download audio books and music from their own computers. 

With the digital world revolutionizing the way people read books and listen to music, our patrons require the speed, efficiency, convenience and clarity that digital media provides. And the TBLC has an inexpensive way for you to provide that to them.

Through our group purchase program, we are able to offer your library over $50,000 worth of titles for a fraction of the cost. For just $5,500, you and your patrons will have unlimited access to the more than 1,700 titles in our collection*. And because everything is digital, you’ll never have to spend additional money replacing scratched CDs or worn-out novels.

We’re excited to help you keep up with the digital revolution. And we’re equally excited to help give your patrons quick, easy access to over 1,700 online titles.

Click here for more information about OverDrive.

Click here to download the OverDrive participation form. Please fax to (813) 628-4425 no later than June 21, 2007.

*Fee is for TBLC members for one year (July 2007 to July 2008). Option to renew after one year at a reduced fee.

Shift your online presence into OverDrive

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