Seats still available for our Tax Reform conversation

June 29, 2007
1 to 3:45 p.m.

The Florida Legislature is scheduled to meet in Special Session June 12-22 to “reduce and/or restructure ad valorem taxes.” Though there is uncertainty about which of the proposals the legislature will select, there is little doubt that they will reduce taxes and local government revenue and that it will affect libraries.

With the Special Session ending June 22, things should be sufficiently clear by June 29 for local governments and library administrators to assess the legislature’s actions and identify the implications for their communities, and, hopefully, libraries and library budgets.

There appears to be agreement for administrators to get together to discuss the tax issue and find out how their colleagues are responding to budget reductions.

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The Revisions – What exactly did the legislature do?
Implications for Libraries – How are the revisions affecting libraries and library budgets?
Creative Library Responses – How are libraries adjusting to budget reductions, and are there innovative responses that others can benefit from?

Seats still available for our Tax Reform conversation

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