Making it Work: Online Project Management Techniques

Do you work in a team?  Are your team members in different locations?  Online project management tools can be a life-saver, but some can be complicated to use and/or expensive to license.

This workshop will discuss project management techniques for the remote team and will demonstrate two free online project management tools – Asana and Trello.  These two freely available project management tools can be used online or on a mobile device, can be used by an individual or a team and can revolutionize the team working environment.

Keeping it Straight: Managing your online professional development

Staying current in today’s fast paced information driven world is a challenge for everyone – information comes at us from all directions. We all use online newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, social media, etc. to stay current with world and local events and librarians use similar tools to keep up with the professions trends and issues. How do you stay current? Then, how do you keep it all organized? Learn about 20 different tools for keeping up with the world of libraries in technology, and demo useful tools apps and practices to keep it all straight.

Library Futures

The future becomes the present a lot faster these days. And both individuals and organizations that aren’t “ready” when the future shows up miss out on the best parts of it.  In some cases, they even become extinct.  And who wants that?  The future that libraries will deal with is pretty clear, and preparing for it isn’t all that hard.  Particularly if we follow that “lifelong learning” advice we always give our patrons.  Al Carlson will show you how we got to our “current future”.  And with some help from Wayne Gretzky and Andrew Carnegie, he’ll give you some ideas for shaping your own library future from here on out.

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