Performer Database


Atlantic Coast Theatre

The Atlantic Coast Theatre is dedicated to bringing the art of theatre to children and families.

Contact Info:

Don Gruel (863) 242-8656

Email- shows@atlantic-coast-theatre.com




Backintyme makes history come alive. We don period dress to perform stories and songs of the 19th century. Each performance piece consists of an anecdote drawn from historical research, interwoven with a related song of the time. The stories tell what folks did and thought back then — their acts and ideas. They form the source of our knowledge of the past. The songs reveal what they felt — their emotions. They weave the fabric of our understanding.

Contact info:

Mary Lee Sweet (386) 439-9413

Email- MLSweet@backintyme.com


Big Idea Entertainment

Our shows features lots of audience participation. Since this is a magic show for libraries, we’ll make sure to reference various children’s books to promote your library and encourage reading in a fun and entertaining manner.

Contact Info:

Keith Tusing (407)-388-8783



Bucky and Gigi Show

From the backyard to the ballroom….. center court to the center ring….. these two former Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clowns will amaze and amuse… dazzle and delight – using Physical Comedy, Circus Skills, Mime, Magic Improvisation, and Audience Participation!

Contact Info: 

Gina Allison (407)-601-2917

Email- ginaalayne1@gmail.com



Chef Warren Caterson

An introduction to cooking for two that’s filled with dozens of kitchen tips and cooking hints and culminates with a cooking demonstration that anyone can replicate at home in under 10 minutes. (Just one of 11 presentations that Chef Warren offers).

Contact Info:

Chef Warren Caterson (904) 704-1710

Email- Booking@ChefWarrenCaterson.com

Didgeridoo Down Under

Australian music, education, motivation, and entertainment!

Contact Info:

Darren Liebman (813) 961-4656

Email- darren@didgedownunder.com


DoDad’s Lab

DoDad’s Lab is a live, interactive science program that combines colorful props, wacky science experiments, comedy, puppetry, reading and science education.

Contact Info: 

Darren Casteel

Email- darren@dodadslab.com


Eclectique Productions

A historical journey of French music.

Contact Info: 

(407) 451-0029





Gary Reid: A Life of Sorrow

In this dramatic theatrical production of Carter Stanley’s life, actor, musician, and writer Gary Reid becomes Carter Stanley. A storyteller, bluegrass veteran, and the foremost authority on the Stanley Brothers, Gary affords today’s bluegrass and old-time music fans a chance to visit and reminisce with Carter Stanley.

Contact Info:

Gary Reid (540) 982-6900



Geddy The Gecko

Costumed Gecko teaches multicultural dances, breakdances, and promotes reading.

Contact Info:

(954) 924-0218

Email- geddythegecko@juno.com





Determined to entertain as well as inspire audiences of all ages, this award-winning ‘musical mad-scientist explores a multi-cultural mixture of musical styles, and demonstrates the art of perseverance—the guitarist has prevailed over a crippling case of nerve damage which could have easily ended a musician’s career…inspired by the great composers, Spanish guitar maestros, and much more, this musical mad scientist fuses the elements into a refreshing formula—evoking the Spanish spirit, yet distinctly unorthodox.

Contact Info: 

(404) 372-0007

Email- gladiusbooking@gmail.com


Jane Rosenbohm: Guitar Extraordinaire

Guitar program about the brain and music, including a free guitar to be given away.

Contact Info:


Email- janeguitar@outlook.com




Magic and Mayhem

Storytelling, magic, and impromptu comedy and a special appearance from ChaChing the Amazing Bunny!

Contact Info: 

(407) 222-4412

Email: james@magicandmayhemshow.com



Magic Suzy

A funny, amazing, age appropriate comedy magic show that will entertain kids, parents, and seniors. show is 30 minutes long which is typically just right for the little ones. The format really works well and you get a great variety of age appropriate entertainment, including interactive magic tricks, physical comedy, mind reading monkey puppet  and upbeat background music.

Contact Info: 

(805) 636-7163

Email: suzyseth@icloud.com


Miz Daisy Entertainment

Miz Daisy is Central Florida’s leading authority in children’s entertainment!



Mr. Brad’s Music

A 40 minute musical performance for children.  I play 10+ instruments (including guitar, mandolin, violin, flute, piano and more), performing popular sing-a-longs as well as a couple of fun originals.  I also utilize some percussion instruments in a one-man-band style.





Music with Mar

Music with Mar was founded in 1993 when her daughter Gioia, was 3 years old. Before then, she was a music teacher for K-8. Her passion for getting parents to value the importance of music in their children’s lives inspired her to create the program and the supportive music and activities.



Showtime For Kids

Awesome Comedy Magic & Balloon Reading Adventure Shows

Contact Info:

James & Lori Chartier (941) 475-2566

Email: showtimeforkids@showtimeforkids.com


Marc Black’s History of the 1950s and 60s through popular song

Join New York Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Marc Black, for a musical multi-media tour through these two historically defining decades.  You’ll sing along with wonderful songs as diverse as Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka -Dot Bikini and Blowin’ in the Wind; by artists ranging from Gene Autry to George Harrison.  Marc will also perform his own group’s top forty hit from 1967.

Contact Info: 

Marc Black (914) 760-7460

Email: marcblackmusic@gmail.com


Tampa Taiko

After a fun-filled performance that covers the history of taiko and the music of Japan, all attendees are offered the opportunity to play on our big drums.

Contact Info:

(727) 531-7999

Email: tampataiko12@gmail.com