Florida Library Delivery Update

TBLC is pleased to announce that the price libraries pay for Florida Library Delivery service will remain the same in 2010-11 as in the current year as a result of a renegotiated 2 year contract with Velocity Express.

The service provides the transportation system that supports Florida’s interlibrary loan network, delivering books for Floridians from Key West to Pensacola and all points in between.  Delivery simplifies staff work and lowers costs thus encouraging lending.

The annual cost to libraries is based on the number of stops a site receives each week at a rate of $600 dollars per stop per year.  Small libraries are provided with 2 stops per week for $600 in order to reduce the amount of time materials spend in transit.

In 2009-2010 the Florida Library Ground Delivery Service moved 438,675 items and made 33,436 deliveries to 218 collaborating Libraries.

Program Benefits:

  • 274,172 – Orange Bags moved by the vendor
  • 438,675 – Number of items moved using estimate of 1.6 items per bag
  • $791,469 – Estimated savings compared to U.S. Mail
  • 218 – Participating library locations
  • 33,436 – Number of deliveries made by vendor

Florida Library Delivery is a service of the Florida Electronic Library and a collaborative effort involving Florida libraries, the State Library and Archives of Florida and TBLC.

For information additional information please contact Vickie Frost at frostv@tblc.org or 813.622.8252 x 224.

Your library’s participation in delivery helps make it a success!  Thank you!

Florida Library Delivery Update
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