Date(s) - 08/27/2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

USF Marshall Student Center



University of South Florida, Marshall Student Center

August 27, 2018 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Change is never easy, but in the world of libraries, it’s unavoidable. Whether it’s taking on new job responsibilities, keeping up with the latest technologies, or finding new ways to inspire your communities, change seems to follow us wherever we go. If we can’t avoid it, let’s learn to embrace it! Join us for this year’s VIP Conference as we face the challenge of change head-on and find ways to adapt and thrive – or simply survive it.

Our Keynote will be presented by Meridith Elliot Powell: Yes You’ve Got It, Now Change! How to embrace, thrive and enjoy the rapid pace of change.
Yes, times they are a changing! No matter how successful or how productive you are; seems every time you turn around someone is asking you to change, to try new things and to do it differently. Face it, we are overwhelmed, worn out and highly stressed by the reactive ways we’re being asked to adapt to change. And with no end in sight, there just has to be a better way – right?
Well, sit back and get ready, because now there is. Think about it; what would you give to learn the secrets and strategies to turn change on its head? To turn change from something you dread, to something you actually look forward to? To quit feeling like change is something that is done to you, and rather feeling like change is something you make happen? And what if you could stop being stressed by the rate of change, and instead found yourself motivated by it?
Join webinar leader and keynote speaker, Meridith Elliott Powell, for this fun-filled session, where she’ll share the stories, real-life experiences, and strategies that will give you the tools you need to embrace, thrive and actually enjoy the rapid pace of change!
Cost to attend is $35 per person which includes the day’s events, parking, and a buffet breakfast and lunch.
PAYMENT PROCEDURE: Each registrant will be billed for the $35 registration fee 30 days prior to the event (or later if registered later).  We will send you an invoice via email that you can pay with a credit card or print and pay by check.  If you need to be invoiced sooner or as a group, please contact Vickie Frost at


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