Solving the Personality Puzzle – 2 Part Series

Date(s) - 07/24/2019
10:00 am - 11:30 am




Session 1: Wednesday, July 24 10:00-11:30 am

Session 2: Thursday, July 25 10:00-11:30 am

Are you an employee? A manager? Do you have a spouse? Children? Friends? Acquaintances?
Do you volunteer in an organization? Are you on committees? Do you ever deal with people in any
context at all? Of course you do! This 2-part workshop series is an invaluable tool in understanding
your own personality style, as well as understanding those with whom you interact.
We’ll look at common characteristics of the four primary styles – the good, the bad, and the ugly!
You’ll find out how we are all so different… and yet so alike. Why do they do the things they do and
why do you react the way you do? Why do you struggle to communicate effectively with some
people? Why don’t they have the same goals you do? Why don’t they see things the way you do
(after all, you’re right, right?!?)?

Prior to the first session, you’ll have an opportunity to assess your own personality style, which will
prepare you to glean the most from the two 90-minute sessions explaining the ins and outs of

In the first session (July 24 @10:00), Personalities at Work, you’ll examine your own personality style as well as the
strengths and struggles of the other three basic styles. As you learn about yourself, you’ll
undoubtedly experience an “aha!” moment regarding someone else (or several “someone elses”!).
We’ll also delve a little deeper to find out what makes them – and us – tick!

In the second session (July 25 @10:00), How in the World Can I Communicate with Them?, we’ll continue to deepen
our understanding and discover specific ways to deal effectively with each style.
If you’ve ever asked yourself “why did they DO that?” attend this informative and fun 2-part workshop series – and find out!

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Biography ~ Linda Bruno
Linda has been developing and conducting training workshops for libraries and other organizations for more than fifteen years. She offers workshops on topics ranging from Leadership Skills to Emotional Intelligence – and lots of areas in between!

Linda received her MBA from the University of Florida and has years of experience in hands-on management positions. She is also certified with DDI and Achieve Global. She develops her workshops based on solid research and – more importantly – real-life application.


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