Creating Compelling Copy – aka Persuasive Writing and How to Effectively Tell Your Library’s Story

Date(s) - 04/25/2019
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Oldsmar Public Library



We know creative writing like poems or novels and nonfiction such as research papers or newspaper articles. But what kind of writing is copywriting and why does it seem scarier to do?

“Copy” is more than an ad and it doesn’t have to sound like a used-car spiel or infomercial. Marketing is really a form of storytelling, about inspiring a specific action. So, what if we think of “copy” as ‘persuasive writing for storytelling?’ While marketing, and for sure copywriting, aren’t taught in our MLS programs, we DO already know storytelling. Persuasive writing for marketing is a skill that any library professional can learn, practice, and put to good use daily.

In this hands-on, workshop you’ll get info, case studies, practical exercises, and work in small groups to apply some of the tricks, tips, formulas, templates, and shortcuts from the world of advertising and master copywriters. We’ll talk key library stories for marketing.

We’ll discuss:
Are there 12 ‘secret steps to mastering copy’, or is it ’20 ways to better writing’, or maybe we need the ‘7-point copywriting formula from the sales masters’?
What about the 4 (or is it 7?!) Ps of marketing?
We’ll borrow the key Ws from our journalist friends.
And cover the ‘4 stubborn myths that are keeping you from writing compelling copy.’
Did you know AIDA isn’t just an opera by Verdi?
Or that “hooks” aren’t just for fishing?
Would you like to learn which rules of grammar we still need to follow in marketing and which we can maybe fudge?
Can we make your library flyers and social posts FAB-ulous? Of course we can!

Not sure I know enough about copywriting to guide this packed, hands-on, fun workshop? Well, you’ve read this far haven’t you? 😉 And I’ll bet you really want to know what those secrets, formulas, and myths are – so, register for this workshop to find out!

Bring samples of your current marketing materials and be ready to roll up your sleeves and practice critiquing, reviewing, and writing new copy. You’ll have tips to boost your ability to consistently create (and repurpose) that compelling content your library’s marketing needs. So, come join your fellow library pros at this workshop with TBLC and learn the secrets of copywriting – aka persuasive writing for marketing storytelling.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand how formulas, templates, and guides can help you create marketing content faster and more clearly.
Be able to identify and draft a CTA for your next marketing message.
Identify an emotion you want to invoke in your library’s audience with 1 particular piece of marketing.
Know who is the “hero” of a library story.
Select one story idea for your library to craft a marketing message around in the next 30 days.
Write an engaging headline for your chosen marketing story.

Biography ~ Jennifer E Burke
Jennifer E. Burke is president of IntelliCraft Research LLC (, a strategic marketing consultancy for libraries, in Philadelphia. She holds a B.S. in Communications with a TV/Film minor from Northwestern University, an M.S.L.I.S. from Drexel University, and spent 5 years as an IMLS Fellow in Drexel’s Information Studies Ph.D. program working on digital libraries and education. As a former advertising/marketing executive she’s capable of speaking, and translating, both “marketing-ese” and “library lingo”. She helps libraries to become more strategic storytellers and avoid marketing headaches. She’s a member of several professional library associations and is currently President of the Board for the nonprofit Library Marketing Conference Group. Her email address is


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