TBLC Course – Marketing

Date(s) - 01/18/2018 - 04/18/2018
12:00 am

Oldsmar Public Library


FacetoFace, Online

Not your average workshop, TBLC Courses are our most immersive trainings yet. This interactive course will take you from creating your marketing plan to utilizing tools for implementation. Thought-provoking presentations, both in-person and online, give insight to the marketing process. Participants also have the opportunity to interact with fellow classmates online to share experiences and make connections.

This course runs from January 18 to April 18, 2018 with one required in-person session on January 25. Two online sessions will be available live and through recordings. Live participation in those sessions is strongly encouraged. The self-paced portion between sessions includes discussions and resource sharing.

Those who finish the course with a participation rate of 80% or higher will receive a certificate of completion. The course is administered through Bridge, a Canvas Learning Management System, that will track your progress.

By registering you agree to complete the course and participate, at minimum, once a month in the trainings and discussions.

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Build Your Library Marketing Foundation by Jennifer Burke

(In-Person Session January 25, 9:00-12:00 PM)

Let’s take the mystery out of marketing! Some in the library field fear the ‘m’ word, but it’s really all about telling our stories in an engaging manner, to compel an action. Unfortunately, most library and information professionals don’t receive training on marketing as part of their LIS coursework (I know I didn’t!) and must learn communications skills on the job. But marketing is so crucial to the success and longevity of any organization – whether a for-profit business or a nonprofit like a library. There’s a saying that ‘marketing is like a shark … it stops, the business dies.’ Yet what gets cut first in a budget crunch? What isn’t given any time in our grad courses or CE? Marketing, promotion and outreach efforts to our communities are too vital to leave our library professionals ‘flying be the seat of their pants’! This workshop gives library professionals of all skill levels, experience, and job titles, the foundation they need to create solid marketing plans by utilizing a ‘strategy first’ approach. The workshop is interactive, hands-on, and aims to engage all participants so they walk away with skills and tools to implement right away. We cover common marketing mistakes and how to avoid them, prioritizing goals and strategy before diving into tools and tactics, how to evaluate our efforts, the core components of a good marketing plan, and generally setting ourselves up for long term marketing success.

We will dive into:

• SMART goals and objectives

• Building a strategy – including knowing our community, creating personas

• Metrics – measuring for success and adjusting our efforts

• What’s a UVP and how to talk about benefits not just features of services

• Setting up for tactical success – calendars, evaluating our resources, starting our toolkits

The workshop includes discussion, small group work, case studies and practical exercises to help participants get a deeper understanding of marketing strategy and ways to set in motion their own marketing plans. Takeaways will include: summary of key points, templates +/or guides, lists of additional resources to aid in strategy implementation and evaluation back home, and assignments for the online follow-up and prep for future webinars in this series.


• Understand the 10 components of a solid marketing plan

• Identify the difference between objectives, goals, strategy, and tactics

• Be able to analyze your library’s strengths and articulate your points of difference and values to your community (core of your UVP)

• Outline a plan for 1 quarter of integrated marketing communications for your individual library

• Identify at least one way to measure effect of one tactic or promotional effort

What Can Libraries Count? Getting a Grip on Social Media Numbers by Laura Solomon

(Online Session February 12, 11:00-12:00 PM)

Let’s get honest: social media analytics are often a hot mess. We’ve often got more questions than answers. What should we measure, and which measurements matter the most? What do the experts say? How does that apply to my library and what can I show my board or administration? How do we even know if our numbers are good ones? In this webinar, we’ll work on answering those questions and exploring some of the issues involved with social media measurement. Learn from Laura Solomon, author of The Librarian’s Nitty Gritty Guide to Social Media and other books for librarians. She will help you gain a better understanding of what matters most when it comes to social media analytics in libraries.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand why social media ROI is difficult, even for professionals

2. Learn which numbers can help show library administrators that social media is helping with strategic goals

3. Learn which metrics matter the most for libraries

Best Online Tools for Creating Effective Marketing by Diana Silveira

(Online Session March 8, 10:00-11:30)

During this interactive session, we will explore free resources to help you create distinctive content for your libraries’ online presence including print and online ads, video, posters, memes, animated gifs and so much more.



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