The Lang-athon: a multilingual Jane-athon

Date(s) - 06/23/2016
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Rosen College of Hospitality Management - Disney Dining Room



Inspired by the Jane-athons presented by the RDA Development Team and ALA Publishing in 2015 and earlier this year, TBLC, in cooperation with Gordon Dunsire (Chair of the RSC) and TMQ (creators of RIMMF), invite you to participate in an early look at the possible future of multilingual, multicultural shared cataloging.

This event will take place on Thursday June 23 2016, before ALA Annual in Orlando. It will be a day-long event, running from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Lunch will be provided.

This event has two simple goals:

  • to explore creating RDA data without the filter of the MARC format, using the RIMMF software (RDA in Many Metadata Formats)
  • to show how RDA, the RDA Registry, and RIMMF support multilingual and multicultural descriptive environments

The RDA Registry stores translations of RDA Toolkit in linked data format. This makes it easy for RIMFF to switch the language it uses to display RDA elements and controlled terminologies. For example, the drop-down list for RDA Content type can display the English term “spoken word” in Chinese (“口头表述”), French (“parole énoncée”), German (“gesprochenes Wort”), and Spanish (“palabra hablada”). In the same way, the element labels on RIMMF data input forms can be switched from English “date of publication” to Spanish “fecha de la obra”, and so on.

Even more importantly, someday, the users of your catalog will be also be able to change labels and controlled terms at the click of a button.

You’ll be able to experiment with these language switches, if you like, but you’ll also explore other aspects of multilingual RDA data:

  • enter parallel data for titles, statements of responsibility and other descriptive information found on resources such as children’s picture books
  • describe resources that were created in multiple languages such as children’s picture books and bilingual government reports
  • describe resources that are translations and relate them to their originals
  • enter notes and other ‘recorded’ data in a “language preferred by the agency”

You will be able to bring your own examples, and they can be as simple or as complicated as you think you can handle. Once again, we will create pure RDA data from scratch or import data from MARC21 records.

Despite the focus on language materials, this is an introductory session aimed at library cataloguers and others involved in metadata and resource discovery. A familiarity with FRBR concepts such as WEMI is assumed. Attendance is limited to 60. Participants will have free access to the RDA Toolkit for 30 days beginning on the day of the event. 

During the session participants will:

  • see a brief review of RIMMF workflow
  • hear a short presentation about multilingual and multicultural support in RDA
  • work in small guided groups to create RDA data for a variety of language materials, using RIMMF
  • see the results of their combined efforts in RIMMF views
  • discuss issues you have identified from your use of RIMMF and RDA

We expect the working groups to contain 4-6 members with varying experience of using RDA and RIMMF. There will be experts in RDA and RIMMF on hand to provide assistance.
Participant preparation
Before the session, you should prepare to be an active participant. Go here for a list of recommended preparations that will ensure that you get the most from this Lang-athon (all these suggestions are optional but highly recommended by previous participants at other RDA-athons):
After the session you will have:

  • a better appreciation of the functionality and utility of RDA without the constraints of the MARC format
  • an understanding of the basics of library linked data
  • an understanding of the issues of cataloging multilingual resources in the modern world.
  • a set of illustrative data structured as pure RDA in RIMMF format, to play with, build on, and share with colleagues, available at the event webpage here.

Additional Links
For more about this event you should return often to its webpage here. This page will be updated with useful stuff as we get ready to go to Orlando.
Disclaimer: We will not be teaching RDA, but we are confident that everyone will learn a great deal about relationships and linked data in RDA.

Remember, the latest information about this exciting event is available at:

Twitter hashtag: #rdalangathon

Fee: $185

NEW PAYMENT PROCEDURE: Each registrant will be billed for the registration fee prior to the event.  We will send you an invoice via email that you can pay with a credit card or print and pay by check.  If you need to be invoiced immediately, please contact Vickie Frost at

Please note, if you do not have an account in the TBLC registration system you will need to create one in order to register for the event.  You can do so by clicking the Sign Up button below.  For people outside of Florida, please choose Temp Library for Langathon as your library when you create your user account.


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