Thank you for your interest in the Florida Library Delivery Service. Below are responses to questions asked from potential vendors:


Examples of bags and totes used to deliver material:





Is technology something that the library consortia would be interested in having as a part of their delivery service? 

If barcoding for shipments and tracking is an option, please provide a description of the process and cost of the service.


Are these numbers, pulled from your website, indicative of the budget  for the 3 year contract stated in this RFP or do you have a specific target rate you are looking for?

The pricing for October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018 is:

2-day stop:         $750

3-day stop:         $2,250

4-day stop:         $3,000

5-day stop:         $3,750

Yes, the numbers are indicative of the libraries and their budgets for the 3 year contract.


What type of vehicle is the current vendor doing this with right now?

The current vendor is using cars, vans, and trucks to service the libraries.


Who currently has the contract for the state wide delivery?

The current service provider is TForce Final Mile


Is the last RFP, identifying the winning bid, posted as public record anywhere?

The winning bid from our 2015 RFP can be accessed here.


I would like to confirm there are no exceptions to the 830 am to 5 pm delivery timeframe.

We request that library delivery service takes places between 8:30-5:00p.m. on scheduled days.There may be a few libraries (less than 6) that do not open until 10:00a.m. or 12:00p.m. on selected days and we would expect the vendor to provide service accordingly. 


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