WOMM: customer service counts!

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best and most powerful way for you to get your message to potential customers.  (Click here for more info about WOMM in your library.) The following post, courtesy of Alison Circle at’s Bubble Room, explains how customer service — one of the most important pieces of word-of-mouth marketing — can make […]

Not What You Think

This post is courtesy of Library Journal’s Bubble Room blog, by Alison Circle. This past November Chicago Public Library launched an ad campaign called “Not What You Think,” an admirable effort, but not quite successful in my mind. Here the campaign juxtaposes unexpected images with the headline: Not What You Think; and the subhead: It’s Free. […]

Dr. Christie Koontz presents marketing program at TBLC

After Dr. Christie Koontz presented a popular marketing workshop at this year’s FLA, we’ve invited her to present Marketing: The Missing Manual at TBLC on Wed., July 16, 2008.  This class is designed to introduce participants to marketing practices and principles in libraries, and a new decision making tool, the Internet-accessible Public Library Geographic Database. Bring experience […]

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