Successful School Partnerships with Dunedin Public Library

“We’re better together”, has often been said but definitely realized after learning the many ways the Dunedin Public Library partners with their local schools to build community and enrich the lives of their families paving the way to greater student success and achievement.  

By serving on school committees, participating in school events and offering school orientations and outreach programs throughout the year, the Dunedin Public Library keeps their school partnerships strong and productive.   

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In addition to participating in nationally recognized programs like Dr. Seuss’s Read Across America and Great American Teach-In, Youth Services Librarian, Olivia Wilson shares their library initiates and participates in school events throughout the year like the annual walk-to-school event, showcase of schools event and essay contest.  Fun, interactive tours and orientations are offered throughout the year to make sure each parent and child can feel excited and comfortable with the wide array of resources and services the library provides.

To stay informed of the latest school events and promotions, staff of the Dunedin Public Library use Peachjar, a digital flyer distribution service offered to libraries at no charge.   For library staff making frequent school visits, Library Director Phyllis Gorshe recommends having a Level 2 Fingerprinting photo badge to help save check-in time and organizing a consistent schedule to plan staff time.

A positive initiative to help improve student and school performance emphasizing leadership development is PASS (Partnership to Advance School Success).  With PASS, the Dunedin Public Library has partnered with Dunedin Elementary to provide mentors and volunteers  expanding resources and inspiring positive change.   

With their dedicated Teen Volunteer Coordinator, Katherine Kastanis, the Dunedin Public Library offers an organized teen volunteer program with high expectations and accountability exciting over 45 teens to volunteer their time to support and grow youth programs.  

Want to learn more about building a partnership with your local schools?  Reach out to the Dunedin Public Library!

Successful School Partnerships with Dunedin Public Library
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