Ask a Librarian Answers Its 100,000th Question

On Sunday, August 18, Ask a Librarian intern Louis answered a question from a gentleman who needed genealogy books about Ohio. Louis guided the patron, who typed slowly due to a stroke, to some resources in his local library that could help him prepare to teach a class on the subject.

This might seem like a typical day and a typical question for Ask a Librarian — but it was so much more than typical. It was the 100,000th question answered through Ask a Librarian!

This is quite a landmark for the service. Since July 28, 2003, Ask a Librarian’s usage has been steadily growing. Of the 100,000 questions that we have answered, over 65,000 have been live chat sessions and over 38,000 have taken place in the past 10 months.

Congrats to everyone involved in making Ask a Librarian a success. Give yourself a high five!

Ask a Librarian Answers Its 100,000th Question
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