Palm Harbor Library Unveils Mark Mazurek Gaming Center

The Mark Mazurek Gaming Center opened Friday, September 27th, at the Palm Harbor
Library. There was a large crowd of approximately 200 people in attendance as the
brightly colored new center was unveiled. Bill Mazurek, father of Mark Mazurek a
beloved young library staff member who died in 2017 for which the center was named,
gave a tearful speech thanking the Library for being the “second home” to his son.  The
brightly colored new gaming center is now open to the public.

Mr. and Mrs. Mazurek further spoke about the importance of creative play and how much
it meant their son Mark. All those in attendance were encouraged to stay after the event
and play with the many new games featured in the center.

The invitingly vibrant area features a large array of retro and current video games, dice
games, tabletop role playing games, large video gaming monitors and traditional board
games. The centerpiece of The Mark Mazurek Gaming Center is a gorgeous, specially-
designed table from Table of Ultimate Gaming. The gaming center also features on
display Mark Mazurek’s personal and prized collection of plush Pokemon.
No tax dollars were spent on the development of The Mark Mazurek Gaming Center. It
was completely funded by the private donation from Mark’s parents, Karen and Bill

“We are so proud of this beautiful new gaming area,” comments Gene Coppola, Director
of Palm Harbor Library. “We believe it is great evidence of our Library’s evolving role in
the community as a gateway to knowledge and technology. Moreover, it is an area that
encourages creative play for people of all ages and that was such an important goal of
Mark’s family.”

Palm Harbor Library Unveils Mark Mazurek Gaming Center
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