STARLAB planetariums member discounts for June and July

STARLAB  portable planetariums are now working with libraries to provide an immersive and interactive research and learning tool. During June and July, STARLAB will be offering special discounts for libraries as well. For more information, please contact Stephan Karnauch.

View PowerPoint here: StarLab Presentation

StarLab is the first truly portable planetarium. Invented in 1977 by Philip Sadler and his class of middle school students in Lincoln, Massachusetts, today StarLab is the most widely used planetarium in the world.

Input from teachers, curriculum developers and school administrators have helped to guide and influence the development of StarLab, its supporting materials and the unique ways it has come to be used in schools and museums around the world.

StarLab has become a part of many peoples’ lives.

Online Training (2 hours) with a trained Starlab presenter is part of the SCOUT package
quoted. Additional training is available for a fee, plus the first 2-hour training is recorded for
customer use.

• 1200 Pixel Projector (5000 lumens, 2000:1 nominal contrast)
• Custom fish-eye lens projects bright, accurate stars in full 180 degrees
The interior consists of a plush gray surface which is ideal for digital projections since it
absorbs bright projections, preventing image glare or “wash-out”. In addition, the dome
design features a single upright airlock door for easy entry/exit without deflation.

See It in Action

Starry Night is the sky at your fingertips.
No other teaching software lets you explore the frontier of the night sky like this; and
countless students have come to enjoy the flexibility and fun of navigating the stars with this
amazing lesson plan.
Even better? This incredible platform is now available inside a portable, inflatable
planetarium dome! Using Starry Night inside the StarLab, you can project stunning and
highly accurate astronomical simulations right inside your very own planetarium.
Curious? Click on the link below showing how Starry Night can revolutionize your
astronomy teaching.

Layered Earth is a new, interactive geology curriculum from the makers of Starry Night
Layered Earth integrates your Earth Science curriculum with the latest technology to
prepare your students for the skills they’ll need in the 21st Century. In a dynamic
environment, through step-by-step computer explorations, activities and resources, you’ll
guide your students through a geological journey that will rock their world.
Enable your students to envision Earth as a whole system. Show them tectonic plate
boundaries, mountain ranges, volcanoes, earthquakes, mineral resources and biomes. Dive
into the Earth’s core, slice open a volcano or watch rocks transform. They’ll even witness
the changing shapes of Earth’s major landmasses throughout history!
Manipulating models is an effective way to investigate scientific ideas, especially when
dealing with things that are very slow, fast, large or small. With Layered Earth, you’ll give
your students a virtual model of Earth that can be measured, manipulated and visualized, to
build a deeper understanding of how the Earth system works.
Layered Earth includes our interactive Earth Science software and Teachers’ Guide with full
curricular support.

STARLAB planetariums member discounts for June and July
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