2012 Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute SSLLI Graduates

Congratulations to the 2012 Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute (SSLLI) Graduates! We have several members who participated in the 2011-2012 program and several members who were mentors. The Institute’s goal is to help prepare library leaders to serve the residents of Florida effectively and continuously expand their knowledge within the community. You can read more about the SSLLI program here.

Participants Mentors
Amy Ackerman
St. Johns County Public Library

Create St. Johns Speaks, a new oral history project for the St. Johns County Library System that provides equipment for patrons to record their stories.

Harold George
St. Johns County Public Library
Andrew Beman-Cavallaro (TBLC Member)
Bartow Public Library

Create an Open Access resource pathfinder on the Bartow Public Library’s website that will be disseminated to the other libraries of the Polk County Library Cooperative (PCLC), to allow for patron access to a one-stop-shopping location for free online sites categorized by subject.

Drew Smith (TBLC Member)
University of South Florida Tampa Library
Marshelle Berry
Jacksonville Public Library

Create a new partnership to promote a greater awareness of the library and its resources that serves as a means to connect with non-library users and supports efforts to further the library mission.

Ava Barrett
Jacksonville Public Library
Kathleen Brunner
Jacksonville Public Library

Create floating “deposit” collections of approximately 50 items each which will be left at daycare centers around town to supplement their libraries.

Lisa Calvert
St. Johns County Public Library
Jametoria Burton
Florida State College at Jacksonville

Co-develop a new capstone course to assess student proficiency skills prior to graduation. The course will represent summative assessment efforts and address overall student learning in terms of the General Education Assessment.

Pat Profeta (TBLC Member)
Indian River State College
Cheris Carpenter
Alachua County Library District

Provide health care information that addresses co-occurring community health disorders, specifically mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and HIV prevention.

Phillis Filer
Alachua County Library District
Andrew Coulon
Jacksonville Public Library

Create a local music collection in the library including a mobile website with streaming music; develop partnerships with local musicians, record labels and music venues.

Chad Mairn (TBLC Member)
St. Petersburg College
Danielle Daguerre
LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library

Develop a local authors’ collection.

Karen Odom
Houston County Library System
Karen Doster
Florida State University – Strozier Library

Conduct a student and faculty user satisfaction and awareness survey.

Margaret (Meg) Scharf
University of Central Florida
Angela Falsey (TBLC Member)
North Sarasota Library

Develop a program series for adults with a focus on civic and community engagement, featuring guest presenters and participant discussion.

Philip Tavill
Children First
Michelle Forde
Nassau County Public Library System

Develop a project to implement educational, literacy and technology services without additional cost to the library.

Sherry Norfolk
Independent Consultant and Author
Nora Galbraith (TBLC Member)
Florida Southern College

Create a Friends of the Library group to provide and attract support for library collections and activities.

Adam Brooks (TBLC Member)
Hernando County Public Library
Robin Gibson (TBLC Member)
Tampa Hillsborough County Public Library

Develop a Civility in the Workplace program for the five individual libraries in the north region of Hillsborough County.

Sarabeth Kalajian (TBLC Member)
Sarasota County Library System
Hal Harmon (TBLC Member)
Sarasota County Library System

Develop an E-Government portal for the Sarasota County Library System Website.

Laura A.B. Cifelli
Lee County Public Library
Khalilah Hayes
Florida A & M University

Create a website specifically for special collections.

William M. Modrow
Florida State University
Amber Holley
Jacksonville Public Library

Use QR codes to deliver readers advisory services to readers. QR codes provide a quick list with links to similar authors or titles; codes are placed in physical books or printed on business cards with featured books.

Paul Alford (TBLC Member)
Hernando County
Katherine Kastanis (TBLC Member)
Dunedin Public Library
Charlie Parker (TBLC Member)
Tampa Bay Library Consortium
Alissa Leonard
Jacksonville Public Library

Design and facilitate library programming that will promote, enrich and preserve community art and music resources through a series of discussions and partnerships.

Courtenay McLeland
University of North Florida
Julie Lipschutz
Jacksonville Public Library

Develop a partnership with the Jacksonville Children’s Commission to help prevent summer learning loss among summer camp attendees.

Carole D. Fiore
Training & Library Consultant
Michael Maiers (TBLC Member)
ITT Technical Institute

Organize a group to create a wiki that would help One Person Libraries (OPL) get started and help them with tips and links to recover lost or forgotten skills.

Jason Martin
University of Central Florida Libraries
Kelly Malizia (TBLC Member)
St. Petersburg Community Library

Obtain tablet computers in order to teach technology classes, as well as having locked-down tablets for public access computing.

Kathleen De La Peña McCook (TBLC Member)
University of South Florida
Norma Medina-Ortiz (TBLC Member)
Seminole County Public Library

Establish a set of programs to celebrate El Dia de los Niños (Children’s Day) and El Dia de los Libros (Book Day) every year; include partnerships with literacy organizations in the area as well as community involvement.

Anne Haywood (TBLC Member)
Bruton Memorial Library
Paolo Melillo
Orange County Library System

Coordinate, develop, market and implement financial literacy workshops at the library and at selected local hotels.

Susan Bach
Crummer Graduate School of Business
Lisa Olzewski
Moffitt Biomedical Library

Increase communication with stand-alone, National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center libraries by combining efforts to save budgetary dollars and assist in collection development.

Rose Bland
Shimberg Health Sciences Library
Robert Parker
University of Florida Libraries

Create a user friendly workshop, held several times a semester, designed to educate thesis and dissertation students on exactly what each form means, and the ramifications of their decisions.

Lee Dotson
University of Central Florida Libraries
Sarah Pearson
FSU Law Research Center

Create a committee to include the acquisitions librarians at Florida’s 11 law libraries. The committee will report to and advise the Florida Law Library Directors Committee regarding trends in Acquisitions at academic law libraries.

Laura Brenkus
Florida State University
Jorge Perez (TBLC Member)
St. Petersburg College

Market the new Learning Resources Department (LRD) to students and faculty.

Deborah Robinson
Tallahassee Community College
Tracey Reed (TBLC Member)
Clearwater Public Library System
Laurel Gustafson (TBLC Member)
St. Petersburg Public Library System
Melissa Riley (TBLC Member)
Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library

Guide the development of public computer instruction curricula for system-wide use.

David Mather (TBLC Member)
Pasco County Library Cooperative
Sheree Sims
Putnam County Library System

Develop a pilot family festival to kick off summer reading at the library; upgrade the summer reading program for elementary children and their caretakers to better encourage recreational summer reading.

Ginny Bird
New River Public Library Cooperative
Heather Sostrom
Alachua County Library District

Develop a Cone Park Branch Library Strategic Plan that sets the direction and establishes priorities for a new library branch.

Gretchen Mitchell
Jacksonville Public Library
Eridan Thompson (TBLC Member)
Florida Southern College

Develop a method for recognizing and evaluating paraprofessionals within the Roux Library.

Catherine Lavallée-Welch
University of South Florida Polytechnic Library
Annamae Trypus (TBLC Member)
Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library

Work with library Teen Advisory Board to create three how-to videos showcasing some of the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library’s most teen-relevant databases. These will be shown during local high school morning shows and will be linked on the library’s teen page.

Gene Coppola (TBLC Member)
Palm Harbor Library
Kaya van Beynen (TBLC Member)
University of South Florida – St. Petersburg

Create a series of short, interactive, Library Research Learning Modules for use by faculty teaching online, blended, or face to face courses.

Kathleen Miller
Florida Gulf Coast University
Joyce West
Alachua County Library District

Develop Going Greener – Saving the Environment One Notice at a Time.

Carolyn Shehee Williams
Jacksonville Public Library
Mikaela Wolfe
Alachua County Library District

Organize a library committee to ensure all branches are represented in the library’s social media presence, and that a consistent social media presence is bolstered by regular posting, generating conversation among our stakeholders.

Diana Silveira
Novare Library Services


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