National Day of Unplugging

unplugTonight at sunset starts a period of 24 hours where thousands of people will unplug from their devices. Their phones, TV’s, radios, computers, and more will shut down for time to reconnect with their inner self. If you think about it, we are connected to our smartphones, probably more than our computers or television. When we wake up, we either check the news, Facebook, or twitter feed on our phones to find out what happening in the world and with our friends. When we go to bed, we give one last peek at our social networks. Our devices have really made us people of the screen as Cathy de Rosa (OCLC) said is her presentation “Perceptions of Libraries – Keeping Libraries Relevant in the 21st Century”.

In it’s 3rd year, the 2012 National Day of Unplugging  will start at sundown Friday, March 23 to sundown, Saturday, March 24. During this time people are encouraged to go outside, exercise, connect with friends and family, or read a print book! This can be tough for us as librarians. Our profession keeps us connected to our computers for everything, checking the catalog, doing research, continuing our education, purchasing a new book, the list can go on and on. 

Let’s see what we can do, if you don’t have to work in the library tomorrow, turn everything off, unplug. I will report back on Monday morning and let you know how I did. I can tell you now, it’s going to be tough. I am pretty reliant on my smartphone, for almost everything. Take the time and #UNPLUG

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