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mobile booksWow!  These have been an exciting last couple of years!  Budgets and staffing have been slashed for all types of libraries.  Library use is up and the public loves them.  Pads are replacing laptops which replaced desktops.  University libraries are packed with over caffeinated students and the tables have wheels.  Bestselling authors are  bypassing publishers, publishers are terrified.  Popular ebook users love libraries because we provide free ebooks – even if some publishers are reluctant to take our money – wha???. 95 people show up virtually for an ebook seminar.  TBLC does webinars on side-loading a Nook – huh? OCLC’s Cathy De Rosa goes all Twilight Zone on us, telling us “we are all people of the screen.”   K-12 students (some) are getting text books on Kindles and iPads,  All libraries have apps – don’t they?  Librarians argue about whose library has the most Facebook likes – TBLC has 232 likes.  Public libraries have battles of the bands and rock bands in their teen rooms.  Children’s librarians are reading synaptogenecists and work with brain neuroplasticity.   Anyone tired?

The TBLC Board is crying enough!  It’s time to stop, take a look around, get our heads around things, and come up with a new vision for area libraries.  Yes we’re going to conduct a visioning process and you’re invited to participate.  We haven’t worked out the details yet but we are looking around for articles and sources that help describe developments and issues that we will need to take a look at and we would like your help in identifying more.  Here is my list, please help us by sharing yours by emailing me at

Visioning Articles & Resources

§  Publishers vs. Libraries: An E-Book Tug of War, New York Times, 12/24/11

§  YouMediaLab – Chicago Public Library

§  Redefining the Academic Library: Managing the Migration to Digital Information Service, University Leadership Council

§  Quiet no longer required in some libraries around the country

§  Libraries as Journal Publishers

§  From Service Providers to Content Producers: New Opportunities for Libraries in Collaborative Open Access book Publishing

§  The Collapse of Complex Business Models, Clay Shirky

§  Tablets & a World in Transition, Marc Herman, EBN: Premier Online Community for Global Supply Chain Professionals, 11/29/11

§  For Reading and Learning, Kids Prefer E-Books to Print Books Jeremy Greenfield, DBW – Digital Book World,  1/09/12

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